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Solar PCU


Autoronica manufactures very reliable Solar Power Conditioning Unit.

Autoronica manufactures very reliable Solar PCU. The Solar PCU functions following way:-

  1. Initially during the day the Solar energy is utilized for charging the battery, load will be on the Grid until battery gets charged up to 90% of its capacity. 
  2. Once the battery reaches 90% charge level, the load will get transferred to the Solar energy. The Grid will get disconnected and the load will be shared with the available solar energy & battery. As solar energy will keep charging the battery and if battery is fully charged the complete solar power will go to load until the battery re-demands the solar charge.
  3. In case the Solar energy declines power to the connected load, the load will be shared between Solar & Battery.
  4. Once the battery gets discharged to the set level, the load will automatically get transferred to the Grid.

Battery discharge level setting can be done by user.

External Potentiometers are provided to set the battery discharge level between 10%-90%, which will determine the charge that can be dynamically utilized for power saving, the rest for battery back during power failure. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology (unlike the conventional PWM) ensures maximum utilization of the available solar power.

Salient Features:-

    • DSP based Intelligent MPPT tracking
    • Rugged, high reliability - long life design using IGBT
      • High efficiency >96%
      • 100% Indigenous - designed in our end-end full-fledged in-house R&D.
      • Available for System Integrators, Export Compliant

      Technical Specifications:-


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