Automatic Line Voltage Stabilizer

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Automatic Line Voltage Stabilizer


Automatic Line Voltage Stabilizers (also called as Automatic Line Voltage Correctors) are manufactured by us for Air Conditioners, Water Coolers, and domestic applications.

Automatic Line Voltage Stabilizers (also called as Automatic Line Voltage Corrector) are Wall Mount design. These Stabilizers incorporate heavy duty copper wound Torroidal transformers manufactured using best industrial grade copper wire and CRGO lamination. With their unique features they not only give an upper edge to the user in terms of quality but also provide un-conditional electrical safety to all appliances connected to it. These stabilizers are able to provide trouble free service for years to come and are intended for use on different applications like Air Conditioning Units, Refrigeration, Lighting Loads, Medical Equipment / Machines, Telecommunication Machines and Process Control Machines etc. These Voltage Stabilizers when encounter erratic / normal AC Mains Supply as input; regulate this input to provide a stable Output Supply 220/230 V ± 10 %. 

The range starts from 1 KVA to 5 KVA

Salient features:-

  • Micro controller controlled.
  • Clean and Safe Operation.
  • Regulated output Voltage.
  • Trouble free Compact and Elegant Design.
  • Wide Input range (90V also available).
  • Wall mount design.

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